A dream team.

Cristine Lovato
“Public relations allows me to be constantly curious in a way that helps drive creativity and success for clients.”
Diandre Weldon
“It is truly amazing to work with our clients and share how they are shaping their communities through PR and MarCom opportunities. The wonderful team at NINICO makes it enjoyable and fun work.”
Mary Younglove
creative director
“The power of partnership begins from within our small, but mighty agency — it’s a pleasure working alongside a dream team of professionals as we bring clients’ visions to life through creative, strategic solutions.”
Michael Fredianelli
production director
“Giving someone an experience through pure images and sound is a great thing. Visual storytelling holds so much power.”
Monique Abed
events director
“Events are a great way to bring your brand to life while building organic connections and generating buzz. I love working with our clients to create unique, memorable events!”
Elena Coleman
social media manager
“Social media allows us to reach target audiences while creating an epicenter of opportunity for brands. It’s awesome seeing our clients’ visions transfer into the digital space.”
Kati Rogers
executive assistant
"I love being part of our boutique and influential agency. Over 70% of our staff is made of smart and powerful women - we raise the bar for our industry."

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“We needed a team to help us communicate our vision to the masses.”

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