A dream team.

Chris Friedman
senior publicist
“Life comes down to moments.  By highlighting these glimpses in time, we can amplify and showcase our clients' most important initiatives, guaranteeing their narrative reaches the right audience and evokes positive associations with the brand.”
Tim Polakowski
senior publicist
“Within a moment on a call, less than 140 characters in a subject line or Tweet; your choice of words can benefit or destroy the perception of your organization. Clarity and relevance are critical to message recognition and acceptance.”
Kiana Karn
“Public relations is the art of influencing culture. I love getting the chance to make a meaningful impact on behalf of clients and playing a part in helping them succeed.”
Mary Younglove
creative director, special projects
“The power of partnership begins from within our small, but mighty agency — it’s a pleasure working alongside a dream team of professionals as we bring clients’ visions to life through creative, strategic solutions.”
Michael Fredianelli
production director
“Giving someone an experience through pure images and sound is a great thing. Visual storytelling holds so much power.”
Monique Abed
events director
“Events are a great way to bring your brand to life while building organic connections and generating buzz. I love working with our clients to create unique, memorable events!”
Desiree Rayos
social media manager
“PR and Marketing allows me to connect with a variety of industries and cultures. Communication and creativity are key components to being successful in this field.”
Stacy Santilena
executive assistant
“In the words of John Wooden, It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

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